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Home improvement can enhance your quality of life and increase the value of your property. Discover how you can create a “better nest” on any size budget.

Home improvement: what thoughts flash through your mind when you hear that phrase?

Do you remember enjoying a nice, hot shower, then having the water suddenly turn icy cold because someone else in the house turned on hot water too?
Did you wish your water heater were twice as big?

May we suggest these books as a starting point for your home improvement projects.

Tools stored neatly - home improvementOr maybe you look into your back yard and see a clutter of yard tools or kids toys. Do you long for a neat looking garden shed to store all those items in an orderly, attractive way?

Do you live in a vintage home; one that was built when life was very different from today?
Do you dream of adequate closet space and a surplus of electrical outlets?

If you can relate to any of these or dozens of related scenarios, then this site is for you.

Home improvement can mean many different things to different people depending on their time available to complete a project, skill level and budget. A home improvement project can be as simple as decorating with pictures – a project requiring only pictures, picture hangers and a hammer – or as complex as a total renovation – requiring an architect, a contractor, an interior designer and a very large dumpster. Most home improvement projects fall somewhere in the middle.

Let’s look at some examples:

Low Budget, Short Time

Some home improvement projects that require only a little time (one or two days) and little or no money are:

Rearranging furniture – You might not think of moving furniture as home improvement, but if you can enhance the function of a space, making it more usable, or ease traffic flow through a space, is that not a home improvement?

paimted dining room - home imrovement

Paint – Painting can be one of the most impactful home improvements you can make. A new coat of paint can brighten and freshen a space remarkably. If you can do the work yourself, you can paint a room for under $200 in just a day or two.

Window treatments – Window treatments can have many functions other than simply dressing for the windows. You might choose a window covering specifically for light control or to help temper the effects of heat or cold in your spaces, increase privacy, or simply to enhance the beauty of the space. Cost can vary depending on how many windows you are covering and how elaborate your window treatment is. With a good drill and a helper, installation is usually pretty quick.

Other quick, inexpensive projects would include hanging pictures, adding shelving or storage units, etc. For more information and ideas, visit our Home Interior and Indoor Lighting pages.

Moderate Budget, Moderate Time

These home improvement projects cost several thousand dollars each and can take from a weekend to a couple of weeks to complete:

Flooring – To the traditional choices of ceramic tile, hardwood, vinyl, carpet or marble, you can now add bamboo, cork, a range of stones, concrete, and more. The cost of flooring can range from inexpensive to very expensive. The time required to install depends on how many spaces are being floored and the method of installation. Most floors can be installed in a day or two.

Adding an outdoor deck or sunroom – Adding comfortable outdoor living spaces to your home can enhance your life in so many ways. From a playroom for the kids or grandkids to a place to host parties or lounge on a summer day, these flexible areas can expand your living space and put more fun into your life.

Sprinkler Systems – Adding a sprinkler system to your landscape helps maintain your lawn and garden in beautiful condition despite your busy schedule. A zoned installation lets your flower beds and garden areas get the water they need and your lawn and trees get exactly what they need without wasting precious water. Automatic timers let you water at the optimum time of day for maximum absorption and minimum evaporation.

You’ll find lots more inspiration and information on our Home Exterior and Landscape pages.

Big Budget, Lots of Time

kitchen remodel - home interiors

Projects in this category usually encompass a number of smaller projects and may involve demolition or major construction, like adding rooms, renovating a kitchen, installing new HVAC equipment, remodeling a bathroom or even gutting and rebuilding an entire structure.

Be sure to get professional help when undertaking this type of home improvement. The cost of their service will more than pay for itself in frustration and things done improperly. When looking for an architect, contractor or other professional, be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau and get recommendations from relatives and friends. Obtain copies of licenses and insurance binders, and by all means, contact their references to see whether their former clients were happy with the results.

You’re Invited

… to explore these and many other home improvement topics throughout the site. Come back often, because we’ll be adding new content regularly. In fact, in one section of the blog we’ll be recounting our experiences as we work on our vintage home. As you go throughout the site, we welcome and encourage you to interact with us; tell us what you like and what you don’t. Tell us how we can make the site better fit your needs.

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Mostly, we just want you to enjoy…

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